Unconditional Care Senior Services
"Hands to help & Hearts that love..."
Your Non-medical choice

"What you are experiencing is NOT a roadblock...it's redirection!  Instead of seeing an obstacle....see an opportunity!"
- Bridgette

"Because people don't care how much you know....until they know how much you care."  This is the Unconditional Care Way!

We are insured & bonded! 

  1. Personal Services
    Personal Services
    Assistance with personal services and daily activities.
  2. Dignity & honor
    Dignity & honor
    Get treated with the respect, dignity, honor, and humanity that you deserve.
  3. Administrative Services
    Administrative Services
    Help navigating through claims documents and official documents
  4. Children with Senior Parents
    Children with Senior Parents
    They spend a lifetime giving their best....now give your best. Give Unconditional Care!
  5. Diversity
    Founded on a multi-culturally diverse model of service availability
  6. Companionship
    There is power in numbers! The joy of companionship can have positive mental and physical effects on aged individuals. So whether you need someone to just stop by a few times a week or to spend a few hours in order to help with household chores, we are here to help.
  7. Assisting with Meals
    Assisting with Meals
    Help keep seniors with active dementia safe we are staffed and ready to be there to help.
  8. Safety
    Safety is important at any age. But even more important as we age.
  9. Organization
    Professional project managers to help you get organized because clutter can be a hazard.
  10. "Hands to help & hearts that love..."
    "Hands to help & hearts that love..."
    This statement has been our thriving motto from day one.
  11. Concierge Services
    Concierge Services
    Whether it’s a trip to the grocery store to restock your pantry or a drive to the park, Unconditional Care Senior Services has caring staff to assist you with those needs.
  12. Safe & Reliable Transportation
    Safe & Reliable Transportation
    We provide transportation with a touch of class!
It has been estimated that the aging United States population will grow approximately 24% by the year 2060 to an estimated 98 million. This also means a rise in common disparities within this population, which include health, cognitive, and daily activity functions. 
Unconditional Care Senior Services offers a unique approach to tackling some of the biggest issues for the senior population. Because getting older should not automatically come with the stigma of declined health.  Seniors are living much longer, maintaining good physical condition, and good mental acuity.  Unconditional Care Senior Services has the staff that not only understands the special needs that seniors face but also finds a love and passion in servicing the senior community.  And although we have focused primarily on seniors we have the experienced staff, passion, and heart posture towards families in need!  So if you have a child or if you are an adult with a handicap or that requires assistance in order to thrive in their home, please do not hesitate to reach out!  We have found that our services have been welcomed in the community of the blind or legally blind, as well.  With our premier services, we are able to provide non-medical assistance to help seniors thrive in their home!  A
t Unconditional Care Senior Services, we provide options that are tailored to your specific needs.  Whether it's' errands, courier services, Laundry, in home management & services, personal shopping/services, cleaning services, travel arrangements, or buddy services...we are here to help!  At Unconditional Care Senior Services, we have the...."Hands to help & hearts that love!"
"Hands to help & Hearts that love..."

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